Dramatic Rhythms was founded in 2015 by DaShane (StarFox) Watkins. 
This conglomeration of artists, dancers, and musicians perform together under the banner of The Dramatic Rhythms Experience, a blissed-out and immersive audiovisual encounter cum nouveau cirque happening. World fusion music with the visual artist and tribal beats meet acoustic instrumental melodies, chants and overtones. 
The Dramatic Rhythms Experience music is prerecorded and created by DaShane, accompanied by his collaborators, who play a variety of instruments live and with these prerecorded tracks. These include guitars, drums, singing bowls, cello, mandolin, didgeridoo, chanting, assorted chimes, bells, and other instruments, depending upon the music. 
This group of visual artists and musicians that DaShane brings together is some of the best performers from Cincinnati, Ohio.