Dramatic Rhythms is collaboration of seasoned local musicians bringing to life the modern compositions of DaShane (StarFox) Watkins. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, his whole life has centered around music, from childhood touring with his musician parents, and playing music in elementary school, to classical orchestral percussion training at the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

The unique underground beats he created for "Cross Bones" and other hiphop groups solidified his own style. The sounds melded such varying modes, defying genre and transporting the listener through cinematic tale-telling via his innovative blending of synthesized and live soundscapes.

His introduction to the belly dance community in 2012 changed his life and his music in many ways, as he chose to expand his repertoire from piano and drum kit to include hand drums and other percussion instruments. Since then he has widened his range by learning stringed instruments such as acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and more, adding further layers of depth and tone to his works.

By 2015, DaShane's endeavors had grown into a group effort encompassing a vibrant sound varying among celtic, folk, house, and tribal, inspired by the desire to fuse these and more into a rhythm that moves the listener into worlds they've never heard. It could be called world fusion, but it mingles so much more that you'll feel the reason it's called Dramatic Rhythms.

Their performances are composed of live and synthesized sounds, combining the occasional vocal samples and sound clips with the live talents of various local musicians chanting, playing guitars, drums, cello, mandolin, didgeridoo, assorted chimes, singing bowls, bells, native American and Irish flutes, and other instruments according to the needs of the composition.

The music is recorded with instrumentation both live and synthesized as well, either drawn from their live performances, or played in DaShane's home studio, where he mixes and produces each track to bring together all these elements into a synchronous, harmonious blend that inspires movement and escorts one to the realm of dance.

The Dramatic Rhythms Experience is what happens when this music is accompanied by the magic of local and regional visual artists performing everything from bellydance, fire spinning, aerial silks, flow arts, circus acts, and a myriad of other exhibitions to thrill the viewer with feats of skill and talent. This extraordinary combination delivers a spectacular show like no other, where the beat carries you to lands of the exotic and astonishing.

Dramatic Rhythms Music: www.soundcloud.com/dramaticrhythms
Band Camp: https://dramaticrhythms.bandcamp.com/